Methodic Accessory

The methodic accessry , MZG for brassinstruments is used to learn how to blow with little pressure. It consists of two tubes, which can be displaced against each other on the longitdinal axis. The outer tube is inserted into the mouthpipe of the brass instrument, the inner tube is used as a receptaacle for the mouthpiece.

The device is equipped with a spring that is continuosly adjustable, depending on the progess made by the student; the sprin pressure decreases from + (plus) toward -(minus). To produce a tone on the instrument, the student has to place the mouthpiece carefully and with great ease against the lips, in order to blow.

If a pressure higher than the spring pressure is applied, the inner tube is pushed into the outer tube; thus, the holes in the tube walls coincide; as a result, the air can escape through the holes, the air column is disturbed, the tone stops, which indicates that the student has blown much too forceful.

With the MZG, the student learn how to blow the instrument less forcefully to produce a tone; additionally, he/she gets aware of the pressure that is necessary for producing a tone.

Owing to constant practicing and the systematic decrease of the spring pressure, parts of the orophial system ( in particular, lip and facial muscles) are increasingly activated, so that an almost "pressureless blowing" can be achieved as the "activity" increases.

  • available for:   trumpet, trombone, horn, cornet, tuba, bass trombone

String instruments

  • chinrests and tailpieces
  • cases
  • gut,steel and nylon strings
  • shoulder suppots
  • spikes (cello, sting bass )
  • Wittner parts

Bow making

  • cases
  • bow cases and bags
  • rosin

Plucked instruments

  • cases
  • gig bags
  • strings

Blow instruments

  • cases
  • covers
  • swabs
  • care products