Case making

Cases for musical instrumens have been produced in the Markneukirchen area since 1870.
Plush, velvet, felt and high-quality metal fitting are used for their manufacture.

Precise craftsmanship ensures consistently high quality.

The cases are not mass-produced. The manufacturers are thus able to meet the individual requests of customers. Customisations for oversized instruments or historical instuments can of cous be crafted.

Oliver Bergner

Casemaking since 1991

Music instruments has been produced by master craftsmen in our region and exported to various contries for more than 300 years.

Since August 1991, we have been pedominantly making cases for stringed instumens and bows and exporting these worldwide.

Our ideas and concepts for a case, together with the suggestions and tips from the instruments maker, guarantee craftsmanship and quality down to the last detail.

As our cases are not mass-produced, we are in a positon to make customised cases for oversized instruments or historical instrumens, always in consultation with our customer.

Holger Götz

[Translate to Englisch:] Etuibauer Holger Götz
Cases builder Holger Götz

A family-owned company in Markneukirchen/Breitenfeld that poduces costomised plywod cases, lined with varis types and colours of silk-lus, according to the customer´s wishes.
Also available with hygrometer, automatic locks, etc.