Flute making

The second-largest branch of Vogtland´s musical instrument manufacture is wind instrument building.

The construction of woodwind instruments began around 1710 and around the middle of the 18th century the first metal blowing instruments were produced.

Today, high-quality solo instruments are produced in the vogtland master workshops, mostly family enterprieses with decades of tradition.

Böhm- and Piccoloflute

Philipp & August Richard Hammig

Flute-making family looks back upon a 240-year tradition

  • Son of the first instrument maker Hammig self-employed since 1780
  • The craft has been handed downfrom father to son ever since
  • Around 1908 the instrument manufacturing becomes specialised by brothers Philipp and August Richard Hammig, who both trained in their father´s company
  • August Richard Hammig goes to Saarbrücken
  • Philipp Hammig goes to Berlin
  • After years of further training, return to fathers business
  • 1927 Philipp Hammig´s son Gerhard is born in Markneukirchen
  • 1941 apprenticeship as specialist flute maker in his father´s company
  • 1959 takes over the running of his fathers company and continues making the "Philipp Hammig" model
  • 1988 Gerhard Hammig takes over the private company of his uncle August Richard Hammig
  • 1994 Gerhard Hammig hands the company down to the next generation


"Meinel" Inh. René Schlegel

[Translate to Englisch:] Blockflötenbaumeister René Schlegel
Recorder maker master René Schlegel

Family tradition in the 4th generation

  • Born in 1964
  • 1981 -1983 apprenticeship as basson maker
  • begins work in grandfather Helmut Meinél´s recorder-making company in 1984
  • Master diploma in 1986
  • Own workshop founded in 1987


[Translate to Englisch:] Blockflötenbaumeister Gerald Schneider
Recorder maker master Gerald Schneider

Gerald Schneider - recorder maker in the 4th generation

  • great-grandfather Albertus Schneider founded the workshop for woodwind instruments in 1894
  • 1947-89 Albertus son Arno continues running the company, followed by his son Werner Schneider
  • Gerald Schneider is born in 1964
  • Apprenticeship under his father Werner Schneider 1980 -1982
  • Master diploma in 1986
  • Own workshop founded in 1990