Early musical education has a positive influence on the successful development of children and adolescents.
The manufacture of the necessary instruments is carried out in a Vogtland family business that has been making musical instruments for several generations.


Andreas Hellinger

Rohema Percussion is a family establishment already in the fifth generatin. Combany´s founder Robert Eduard Hellinger developed in Markneukirchen different articles such as drumsticks and batons since 1888.

Today the product range includes also a wide assortment of mallets and percussion instruments.

Rohema Percussion is manged by Matthias and Andreas Hellinger, both of whom had solid master craftsman training and many years experience in the paternal workshp. With Maik Hellinger and Tobias Hellinger already working for the company, Rohema heritage is safely in the hands of the fifth generation of the family.

Firma Rubner

  • Founded in 1864 by Josef Rubner
  • Workshop passed down from generatin to generation
  • Taken over by Thomas Rubner in the 5th generation in 1990
  • producer from triangles, cymbals, kid´s cymbals, tuning forks for zithers and chord zithers