The production of instrument strings has a very special tradition in Vogtland.

Vogtland´s string-makers were studying the techniques in Italy as early as the 17th century.

A string-makers´guild was founded in Vogtland as early as 1777.

With the exception of piano strings, all kinds of instrument strings are being made in Markneukirchen and the surrounding areas today.



Instrument strings - technical gut strings in the 3rd generation - holder Wolfgang Frank

The firm is traditional company in Vogtland.
In the meantime becomes quality strings production in the 3rd. generation.
The company was founded in 1919 by string-maker Ernst Frank in Zwota in Vogtland. In 1949 taken over by his son, master craftsman Gerhard Frank. 1989 son and master craftsman Wolfgang Frank takes over the running of the company. He makes the master craftsman´s certificate in 1982. He offers a big range of gut strings.




Optima Musiksaiten GmbH

Founded in Markneukirchen in 1920

  • Manufacturer of instrument strings in Geretsried / Upper Bavaria since 1950
  • Production was under the name of Maxima ( Max Meinel Markneukirchen ) up until the early 2000, was later renamed
  • In 2015 Optima Lenzner Musiksaiten took over Leonhardt GmbH Markneukirchen
  • Optima produces in Geretsried and Markneukirchen


Strings have been produced in the Markneukirchen area for more than 250 years

  • Based upon this long tradition, Lenzner Saitenmanufactur Reinhard Renz e.K. manufactures instrument string of all types
  • The portfolio ranges from strings for bowed and plucked instruments, through to strings for lyres, kanteles and harps, right up to technical strings
  • The range is also expanded by custmised strings for special uses
  • The zither string model "Soloklang", "Fisoma" and the bass strings "Supersolo" are very highly regarded